It once felt like time was all we had

Life was Merry and green was land

Family was all we had and so we kept it at heart, soul and mind

We shared what we had and all were kind


Moments changed and times became hard

It took over like a storm so two times two add

Families broke and I knew this was bad

In the news it was children asking, “where is mum and dad?’

Tears rolling down my chin as years flushed in sight left all sad

It is true times had changed

We danced the night away as the songs brought the light

My heart pounded as your view came to sight

Everything felt alright

Holding you in my arms tight

We held hands as we walked I in my suit you in your tight

You were my left hand and I was your right

But since times change you choose the left and left that night

It shattered my soul for my left hand had gone and nothing felt right

It is true times had changed


LOVE STORY By Kajonikim

Hey love, I would love to take you to Kuwait so take your time, nitakuwait
Reason ni simple, you are beautiful coz mtaani ukipita watu huachwa wakisema salalah
So msanii wa sanaa sitakucheza kisalah
But nitakutungia mistari mashairi za sanaa
I will hold you in my arms hata iwe ni the road to Damascus
I won’t leave your side for siri ni hata tupitie Sydney, nitakupa my kidney wa kidi nao tupate so kidding
I will sing songs za mapenzi kama za sanaipei as we travel kwenda Taipei na pia tai pia nitavaa for you my type pia
Sitakuchocha na suti coz bei ya jeans ni affordable tukifika BEIJING
But don’t worry sitasahau kukupa na ring pia for you are my queen and I your King dear
I want us tutravel too RIO DE JANEIRO for the scene ya scenerio ya our love story itakuwa one we can’t resist
My queen umepita ligi ya Sofia the first so hata tupitie SOFIA wote watakutambua hadi kwa soap pia
They say, “Love I will take you to ROME,” yangu sitakupeleka to ROME for your love already iko rooming in my heart
So love, I want us to grow old in Toronto na tupate watoto for love story yetu sio ndoto na hatuko msoto na si lotto


I am moved by the pain that comes when one knows not of being free. I lose happiness at the sight of one shaking not knowing what being free entails. You say that being free is lose your soul and earn freedom as you sip that wine and say you are letting go your worries.

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Reality is that you drown as you end in pain and a drain of sorrows.

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Thinking you changed tomorrow, you wake up the next day in more trouble than the day before. The drink is the softest thing as you sip and take in but as days pass becomes the hardest thing to swallow when nothing is left to make you stand and say you are human. All is left is a trail of a sad and suffering soul. People say that hell is the worst nightmare but life wasted is more than a punishment but a torment that never ends. So, what is true freedom?

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               I believe being free is in every moment that the pain crashes you but still arise from the ashes. You don’t drown yourself in sorrow but have hope for tomorrow. An analogy; if you were given a cup of tea or that drink you like and told to pour it. Would you do as told or will you stand and say it’s not yet time so you treasure and keep it safe?

That is more or less what life is, a simple drink that you treasure and wouldn’t let anyone waste it. When we treasure our lives this much, we get to understand what being free entails. Simple, be free at every breath you take in for it is the biggest gift given. Live alive and you won’t leave life un-lived.

© Kajonikim (Poet)



I am alive I want to live
Don’t shatter my dreams for I have faith I believe
Dream big and keep at it
So please sit and feel the beat
It is slow but starts a song that lifts all form their sits
As I dance and sing up on the stage
My aim arise from that sit and let’s enjoy as we age
African born Kenyan sent to the world to share my heritage
The afro beats sending all to hold their stake
Arise and feel as it beats and hits but never hurts
A simple dream from a dreamer in a dream liner without a deck

I won the race but hid my face
Afraid of what they will say about my race
So I kept at my dream so am not found I have no trace
A dream kept away from a world that’s gives a chance
A chance to live and fully embrace
Deep from within and within to with you
If I stay at my state I lose my dream and walk without
Out of sight I leave and my life goes out
My dream to make a mark, a foot print that lasts
Never second but first, on my knees so I fast
Don’t fade away and become my past
A simple dream from a dreamer on a dream liner without a deck

I AM FREE By Kajonikim

I am free
Each day passes and so does the sorrow.
I am meant to live today and make my tomorrow.
Each step counts for a journey of a mile start with a step.
Moments of happiness start with a smile.
A free spirit feels the missing pieces of life
My freedom a journey will be my intent
Music a spark towards freedom sent
The happiness it brings costs no cent
At every beat I feel the hit of scent
Pure and fresh that it takes over since this is meant
The rhythm takes over and sends me to a world of discovery
A world filled with goodness no sadness
A world I feel attached so breathe in and be free.
I am free.


Hey love!
When it comes to you,
The stars are left jealous from the dazzle in your eyes, both night and day.
The sun passes it’s affection from the perfection that glows from your face.
Your lips oh My! Your lips lift my spirits from a touch straight to my deepest.
When it comes to your smile, it takes me on a mile
Coast to coast to find the cost to make you smile more.
When I stop and look at your beauty,
I wander as I wonder how beautiful you will be
When you walk down the isle.
When it comes to you, you are the rock that fits my block.
The one I’ll take on a walk as we talk.
The one I will hold as my gold.
The one I will hold as we grow old.
The one that fits in every bit.
The one that swims in the deepest sea.
The one that I see.
You are beautiful.
In white and in sight.
You light my world.
Love, I Love You.

© Kajonikim


A cool breeze passes by
Everything stops so freeze
Say hi to the day and bye to the pain
Am ready to gain and live
Breath in that I may believe
Breath out and I feel alive
Take in what I need
Take a step as I take the lead
Start my steps and plant my seed
I feel free and change from within

Growth, a step by step
A path, step and make a mile
We are many forming a file
Joining as one due to a lie
My choice form my own line
Feeling free I want to mine
Free fits what’s mine
The aim being my main
So feel free and live alive
Negative gets seived
Positivity gets dipped
Deep in me free I feel
I feel free and change from within

© Kajonikim


It started with a set and love became what we felt
I asked for your set then you sent a text
My plan was to draw a triangle but ended up drawing a square and you became my equal
You said that your set lacked a compass but truth be said, you already gave me direction
The teacher said remove your books but I heard nothing for I stared at your looks
When you tried to tell me what the teacher said all I saw were your lips and smile
It lasted for a while before the whip gave me a wake up call then the teacher said out run for a mile

It started with a set and love became what we felt
I came back exhausted but direct to where you sat for I still wanted to mingle
You gave me a smile so I sat as you showed me how to draw an angle
My mind gave a run and all I heard was, “If you want to draw an angle,let us do tango.”
I nodded saying yes to everything you said even when you asked if I would mind eating a mango
You became angry and hit me with your ruler then stormed out of class

It started with a set and love became what we felt
I followed you like a pencil follows a ruler
I still had not known how to draw an angle but on my your curves made some angles
I hit a 90° turn before you ran out of sight
Luckily I was able to catch up and had you on my side and walked drawing parallel lines
You said you were angry but I explained my reason and so love sparked and became our season

It started with a set and love became what we felt
We went back holding hands for we were corresponding angles
You squared plus I squared equals love so we drew triangles
In class you offered your set and now I am offering a net
A gown that befits your beauty for love has grown
Give me a 360° turn as we dance walking down the isle
I am in my suit you in your dazzling gown sharing love started by a set to our wedding now set



Writing has become a no more doing.
Trapped in wanting and dreaming
I feel lost not knowing what I really need to do for in a dream I sleep.
Blessed and talented yet quite in fear of what might be said.
I know it’s a step at a time but currently miles from where I need to be.
I want to get out of this closet squeezing
pressing leaving me all enclosed with no space to breath.
I want to feel what it is to fly and at a place where I love the most
Love for instance what I aim yet am at my sit letting the wind blow it away out of sight
Fighting for it has become something I don’t want to give a try
Blessed I am for at every beat I can relate
and feel it deep at heart yet am not where the drums play.
Give me a sip for my throat is all dried up
can’t explain why I am letting go what I love and truly want in life
Music my only escape my shelter
from this storm of negative and least comforting words.
I am letting go instead of pursing my goals with no more sleeping on my talents
All God given yet am thinking so much on being judged
rather than the impact I can make and what I can be become.
I know by giving a try there never lucks results for something great awaits at the end
I have to let in the breeze of courage and let go the freeze of fear
Let light in and let it glow and spread it all over
Am over here standing at a stage waiting my bus.
It does not matter how long it takes giving up no longer an option.
I need to take my ticket be on time so as to set rolling
my journey to a destination where my dreams lie
A light at the end of the tunnel a pillar stone to greatness
a sign of hope in a world of despair and pain.

I know I can be the touch of sunlight
on dew that makes a morning worth facing.
It’s time to let the chains fall for my well is filled with refreshments
a quench to thirst of heart mind and soul.
I want to be the spring to the dying rose
give hope even at the dusk of the path of the giving up.
Let no one discourage you so arise and shine
you are like a book filled with wisdom knowledge and enlightenment.
For some there call it the Bible while others the Koran.
From it writings of great people of whom it was from dust to dinning with the powerful
From suffering and shame to a life you and I look up to.
From pain they found their strengths and learnt to face each weakness
At first they were not the noticeable but now
a tale that has become spoken ages and ages.
Arise to your place for its your stage own it
let the words turn over to a page of actions.
From me to you a walking pen scribbling down what’s deep pure and rich.
An intention to make the words permanent
Sore for greater heights so believe
in sight let not the light out for dawn is here night ending
no more I might for in a split of second a future gets built not for a day but a lifetime.


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